Friday, June 15, 2012

Dog Tired

Honestly, I don't know what is wrong.  My mojo is seriously off or something.  I feel like nothing is going right. At all. Ever.  I haven't had a minute to blog since April.  May and June (so far) have really kicked my BUTT.  Now, I am trying to update my blog and I can't get a picture to load onto my post.  I have seriously done this hundreds of times but for some reason it won't work right now. 

I have a picture of my dog - sleeping.  Hence the title.  Dog Tired.  Because that is what I am, only she looks prettier than I do right now.  She is white and fluffy.  I, on the other hand, have black circles under my eyes.

I will try to load the picture one more time, and then it is on to something else. 

Okay, finally.  Since you are looking at the picture right now, you can't really imagine the number of times I tried to load it and it didn't work.  And then it did.  And I didn't DO ANYTHING differently.  It just finally worked.  That is the thing that I sometimes hate about computers.  Something behind the scenes must be interfering, because from what I can see everything is EXACTLY THE SAME.  It worked.  Then it didn't work.  And then it worked again.  AHHHHHH...

I don't have anything creative to post today.  I don't think you will get too excited over pictures of me cleaning and polishing my wood floors on my hands and knees.  (They look awesome - I did it after the picture above, so they are beautiful and shiny.  Not smudgy and grimy.)

I did get my garden planted two weeks ago, and the darling husband has added two more sprinklers.  It is looking great.  I will try to get out and get some photos of that later today.  Or maybe I will just take a nap.

Because I am dog tired.

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  1. She's so big! Hopefully you can find more time to blog now that school is finished. And I think your next blog post should be either the nursing cap you're knitting for Janelle or whatever our book club beverage will be this summer ;)